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Shareholders’ Meetings.

Documentation and models type preparation, representation of calls, calls, vote delegation, etc.

Execution and follow-up of the deliberations approved in the Owners’ Meeting.

Writing minutes.

Preparation of representation documents in Owners’ Meetings.

Presence in the Ordinary Owners’ Meeting.

Community Representation at the administrative and judicial authorities.

Custody of community documentation and books.

Annual budget preparation.

Annual accounts and balance sheets preparation.

Preparation of accounting documents, balance sheets, total accounts statements, accounts statements for each co-owner, etc.

Management of all types of documents on behalf of the Community, opening accounts etc.

Management, collection and payment of community expenses.

Receipts Issuance for the fees collection.

Claim of defaults.

Debtors Collection.

Budgets Statements for the performance of the necessary acts for the conservation of common goods.

Preparation of cost reduction plans and use of community resources.